The Honeyshotz: Lovin’ You

We are excited at this slice of funky disco that has come over to us from the Belfast based Super Fly Funk & Soul label. With two sides of buttery dancefloor goodness, we’ve chose the B-Side Smoove Disco Dub Remix) to get on our horse and ride.

What started out as a funk and soul night in Belfast and commandeered by DJ Pete Brady quickly moved into a a well known brand. This band was set up by Ian Stevens (bass in King Rooster and more). While the A-Side, radio edit is a bit of a soulful jazz come back, it features soul siren Sabina Challenger on vocal duties and has the very groove that moves you. However, it’s the B-Side remixed by our man Smoove that gets this thing skyrocketing and bodies sweating even more. Chock full of extra percussion, banging bass, this grade A heavyweight dub gives all the players a chance and really slaps. With many years of experience and an exceptional producer/ artist, the man knows how to really push the limits of this track and turn it into a helluva banger. This thing is a sleeper and of course made in limited quantities, so jump on it while you can. Listen to both sides below and purchase after the stream.

Get the record here.

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