The Pro-Teens: Peachfuzz

Well, we’ve heard some great interpretations of Dilla, Madlib, Madvillain, and DOOM in the last few years. It was only fitting that soon we’d go back even further and get to the root of some of these covers and hit up KMD to interpret. Beating everyone to the punch is The Pro-Teens.

The Melbourne outfit drops two heaters of DOOM tribute with the double-sider of lava rock on College Of Knowledge Records. The A-Side is a bang-up version of the KMD classic “Peach Fuzz” Before the government name of Dumile put the mask on, this track was the one to go for. While we can still hear his voice: “Now use your imagination for a smidgen….”, the interpretation of this is strictly hype. Instrumental biz that floats like a butterfly and beats and vibes that sting like a bee, this one’s so dope it makes medicine sick. Definitely well pleased with this effort. The flip is DOOM’s “One Beer” which heats up the pot even more. Complete shame that we lost DOOM, but happy to hear his legacy living on and being represented for the next generation of heads. Both come from the upcoming 2022 release MF TEEN: Your Concurrence In The Above Is Assumed . Listen to “Peachfuzz” below and pre-order the 45, out 11/26.

Get the record here.

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