Matt Deighton: Villager

Switching up gears a bit this AM (because it’s good to do that) to match the many moods we might have from day to day to hat-tip this banger of a pastoral folk and debut solo record from the Paul Weller band, Mother Earth singer, and Noel Gallagher from Oasis replacement Matt Deighton.

Originally released in 1995 and then reissued in 2011, Villager has been remastered from the original production master by Nick Robbins at Sound Mastering (Ace Records, The Small Faces). If you have not ever heard this masterpiece, well, fear not, we’re offering it up for a listen today. Not much more to be said about this that NME, Q or The Guardian hasn’t already laid down the law with when it first was released in ’95 (also hailed as Buried Treasure by Mojo upon its first reissue), but as we get to this milky clear transparent vinyl from the new People Tree imprint via Acid Jazz Records, we feel like it’s just fitting to throw this moody classic into the mix. While Acid Jazz has been known to pack dance floors worldwide with a good portion of their output, their diversity in the label and its subsidiaries has a great pedigree; with proof in this masterful album among others. We’re happy to share this beautiful record on an equally as beautiful Fall day. So while we’ll be heading back into the funk, soul, and beats tomorrow, let’s relish in this record from Matt Deighton. Sail away folks, you deserve it. Out November 19th.

Get the record here.

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