Eric B featuring Rakim: Eric B. For President

Always innovating and moving the needle to elevate their releases to a higher position, King Underground come back this year with a project that is a stunner. Literally built from the ground up, they’ll be releasing this special 45 of “Eric B. For President on November 19th.

Since the original files were lost in the Universal archives and the master versions were over six minutes long (from the Paid In Full Lp), the King Underground crew had to really get creative. They would go on to dig up an original, mint 45 and purchase it and move this version to high-quality audio restoration from that very vinyl. The digital files would then be cut to lacquer. Simple right? Not so simple. Soon it was discovered that the 45 versions were just the 12″ single versions of the track that faded out to have them fit on a 45. With over a year’s time to get it all sorted out, they also had Danny Roth Designs recreate the original 4th and Broadway label which was no longer in the hands of the label either. After all that, here we are! This project pays homage to hip-hop luminaries and has been recreated with the utmost respect. The 7″ houses the aforementioned “Eric B. For President” and “My Melody” on the flip. Classic material. Also included in this bundle is a limited edition lyric tee. Available vinyl in limited quantities on black, yellow, and blue vinyl. Listen below and pre-order after the stream.

Pre-order here.

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