Gloria Ann Taylor feat. Misha Panfilov: Be Worthy

Starting off our week right with a haunting soul record that we’ve got on repeat here at Flea Market Funk. It’s a three-song EP that is super special and a miracle that it’s even got released.

For those who know Gloria Ann Taylor’s work and have been touched by this powerful voice, it was exciting to hear the Love Is A Hurtin’ Thing Lp reissued that Ubiquity brought out in 2015. Taylor’s music was exposed to audiences like never before. After the rerelease of that record, Taylor would record a three-song demo of the tracks that are on here. Unfortunately, she passed away in 2017 and would not get back to the studio to finish these songs. Her lawyer and friend, Larry Meyer, not wanting these three songs to get lost in obscurity got back into the studio to work with engineers and producers to help get these demos into a final production stage. With help from musical genius Misha Panfilov they were able to after several years, come up with the final product we have here today. Blessed by her brother and musical partner Leonard, “Be Worthy”, “Rich Or Poor”, and “Tough Suzanne” are now available via Ubiquity. Taylor’s legacy lives on, and while we wish we could have gotten more from this talented soul queen, we’re grateful for the end result of this record. Her voice is one of a kind, beautiful and haunting, and proving there was only one GAT and there will never be another. Listen to the record below and purchase after the stream.

Get the record here.

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