Sam Redmore: Nagu

Here’s something we are feeling this Friday: Sam Redmore and his hot to the touch track “Nagu”. A newcomer since the beginning of 2021 to Jalapeno Records, this single is in anticipation of his full length to drop on 2022.

Primarily a DJ and remixer up to now, Redmore has put together tracks for this record with a purposeof being included in his DJ sets, as the vibe runs the gamut from afrobeat to cumbia to samba to funk to reggae then on to house, broken beat, disco and beyond. So you get the foundation that he’s built on this great sounding sonic home. The first track we are hearing, “Nagu” is a jammy of a side. Made especially for his Tropical Soundclash in Birmingham, at first listen, this thing does not sound like it will disappoint at all. Too much action for anyone to go slow. A percussion filled killer that leans to the Latin house side and will fill and slay the dance floor. He’s gone on to bring in musicians Chris Mapp (bass), percussionist Magoo (who plays live at each Tropical Soundclash), Rory Simmons (horns and strings) and Pete Nickless (piano) to play on the LP. From the first lick, we are hooked. This is a track that screams “MOVE” from the first note, so if you’re a wallflower, best be getting off your arse and shaking it a bit. Check out the track and extended track below and purchase after the stream.

Get the record here.

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