Kid Acne feat Jehst: Neon Fogou

Midweek action from the man they call Kid Acne. One of Sheffield’s finest drops another single that makes you nod your head and think deeply. But he’s not alone, as Jehst jumps on to this single to flex his flow too. God may be in love with ugly but these two get behind some supernatural, late night beats on “neon Fogou”, talking through everything from Jurassic to Metal Face to Deloreans to Mandolorians, all commandeered by Spectacular Diagnostics making you look over your shoulder to see what’s coming ’round the corner. And it’s not hell or Tricky, it’s a well put together single to keep you on your toes. Kid Acne, illustrator, graff specialist, and rapper has definitely done it again. This guy never disappoints, and the crew he always has that’s not far behind him proves he is the general of this UK rap game. Listen to the digital single below, out on Lewis Recordings (take a bow gents), right now.

Get the single here.

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