Bardainne Jaumet:  Le sacre de la lumière

Heavenly Sweetness is known for its diverse catalog with all releases pointed in the direction of jazzy, soulful, and funky. If you’re new to this French label, you’re going to be going down the rabbit hole that’s their discography and enjoy every bit of it. Today, they take two giants and have them crash together like the big bang. Say hello to Bardainne Jaumet.

Here we have composer and saxophonist Laurent Bardainne getting together with Etienne Jaumet, another saxophone master who is also a master of the keyboards as well. Both heavyweights in their own right, they share a love for jazz along with electronic music. Both musician’s body of work is fantastic and expansive, so their being together to transmit music from outer stellar regions on this one is exactly what the universe called for at that specific time. The result is this Bardainne Jaumet four track EP. The EP runs the gamut from cosmic disco to the Golden Age of European synthesizer to 1950’s Latin to Library music. The track we get a sneak peek at is “Le sacre de la lumière”, a late night excursion into heavy, sleazy synth sounds that snake through synth rhythms and sax feels until the light goes pitch dark. This one is a momentous occasion on Heavenly Sweetness as these two get together and make beautiful music. Check out the track below and order after the stream.

Get the record here.

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