Big Crown x El Oms Custom Deck Bundle

With the holidays right around the corner, Big Crown Records once again put smiles on faces with the opportunity to grab some next-level custom pieces with a collaboration with artist El Oms. This time it’s not just dope music and label art, it’s much more.

A custom deck of playing cards is something we have been wanting to do for years. We hope this is right on time to usher back in the days of hanging out with friends, listening to music, playing cards, and enjoying one another’s company. 

The record in this bundle is another collabo, El Michels Affair and Bobby Oroza teaming up for a heavy forty-five. The A is “Stack The Deck” which runs along with this collaboration bundle card deck theme and gambling on love. Top-notch stuff. The B-Side sees El Michels covering Biggie on their special, grit-filled version of “Things Done Changed”. For us, this seven-inch would have been enough, but BCR push it up further. This bunch features a collector’s item: a limited edition tee (in black, white, or yellow) and a 52 card poker deck (2 jokes, 2 logos) in a customized box designed by El Oms. Limited to 500 pieces worldwide, this thing is a great gift for the holidays on many levels. It’ll keep giving on so many levels. BCR just keeps innovating and this one is sweet all around. Who’s in for playing cards and listening to records on a Saturday night? Hit us up!

Get the bundle here.

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