Susan Avilés: Eine schöne Welt

As if Mocambo Records could not get funky enough on their own, they come back with an official reissue of one of the funkiest German female records out there this time. Introducing a slice of rarity that is sure to blow minds at those who haven’t heard: “Eine schöne Welt: from Susan Aviles.

Here’s the official reissue from Mocambo of this genuine slice of psychedelic soul from 1970. Already rarer than hen’s teeth, this was originally on the Philips label and Abi Ofarim’s PROM Production. She was introduced to catch the younger set and this and a few others had high hopes of catching the ear of these hipsters back then, but alas, her string of singles tanked. She ahd a brief stink playing with Donna Summer and Tony Gregory in the group Family Child in the later 1970s as well as a couple of albums in the early 1980s until she faded into obscurity, tragically passing in 2016. What can we say about this pair of scorchers? We’ll go on, because the A, one of the hardest 45s to grab ahold of in its original form is rare grooves at its finest: wah-wah drum breaks, top dawg orchestration, and vocals that keep this record on many want lists. The flip, “Versuche zu versteh’n” is a folk-soul upbeat track with drums that keep the b-boys and b-girls going hard (it’s a fave of that scene in Germany). Mocambo got permission to put out this 45 properly from her husband Oliver Avilés-Lehnert, who saw the importance like the label of preserving her legacy. Listen to the tracks below and have that pointer finger ready to order, these tracks are heat rocks.

Get the record here.

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