The Sure Fire Soul Ensemble: Step Down

When we first wrote about the Sure Fire Soul Ensemble and their self-released forty-five way back when we told you that they were going to be a big deal. Fast forward to now, the band has been busy during Covid with many projects and here they are back once again on Midwest powerhouse Colemine Records with another killer single. Do not sleep on this band. Just in case you forgot.

This seven-inch is just what you expect from this talented crew. “Step Down” is a darker, cinematic buzz of a track that guides us on our way until the next day when we do it all over again. Featuring heavy horns, harpsichord, plenty of fuzz guitar, and an instrument that gets us every time, the funky flute. These cats aren’t playing around and in the words of Smokey: “and you know this MAN!”. It’s got a blaxploitation feel to it, cinematic and heavy, the track has something on its mind. The flip, “La Fachada” is a late-night journey around the S to the D (that’s San Diego for those who don’t know). Drive to the taco spot, get your fave comfort food (killer burrito por favor) and pair it with some cold Cerveza, maybe take a few hits and just enjoy the moment. The SFSE always knows how to make you feel good and pair their music with a good time. Listen to “Step Down” below and pre-order after the stream.

Pre-order the 45, out on January 14th, 2022.

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