The Night Owls feat. Destani Wolf: Let’s Stay Together

Back at it once again the F-Spot Records crew is running tings proper with another home run out of the stadium forty-five by the fabulous Night Owls. They’ve taken a classic and made it their own, bringing this banger into a whole different light.

“I wanted to create a version that had a little more bounce to it while retaining the intimacy that we love so much. A more upbeat version you could play at a party.”

Dan Ubick

Reggae is no stranger to covers, this we know. So, it is quite fitting that this band should take a Reverand Al Green track (with help from Willie Mitchell and company) and bring it to California by way of Jamaica. Pumping the tempo up a bit, along with the spot on JA riddim, they get the sultry sounds of vocalist Destani Wolf (The Pharcyde, Matisyahu, John Cale, Bobby McFerrin, and Cirque du Soleil’s “BAZZAR” among others) to give this ballad a sure shot Jamaican twist and drive it home with some head nod and bouncy tempo. You even get the version side to make it official, with dropouts, Space Echoes, verb splashes, and drum and bass sections to put a cherry on top of this sundae! . Also features Night Owls keyboard genius Roger Rivas on the Melodica ala Augustus Pablo. This dubbed-out version is perfect for DJs to come up with extended edits for live sets and more. Listen to both sides of the record below and then pre-order for a December 10th release.

Get the record here.

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