Cavendish Music Library Series

Here’s a new series of forty-fives that are sure to get people excited. King Underground pays homage to the Cavendish music catalog and releases a series of eight seven inches (never before pressed on forty-five) for your listening enjoyment.

This particular series focuses on Boosey & Hawkes which is now known as Cavendish Music. During the day of Library Music in the 1960s and 1970s, creating library music was a chance for young composers to get their work out there. They’d record hundreds of compositions for clients to be used in television, movies, commercials, etc. This music was put in the publishing of each company (KPM, De Wolfe, Boosey & Hawkes) and not made commercially available. Eventually discovered by a generation of diggers and producers, this genre has influenced many artists throughout the world. The influence of Library records reaches far. These two records today feature the great John Scott / Tony Kinsey and Sam Fonteyn. Never heard of them? That’s ok, you will be scouring all over to find more about these often unsung heroes of the music game. Listen to all the tracks, some are short, some are normal forty-five side length. Amazing work from the musicians as well as a great job by King Underground to expose this style to a whole future generation of diggers and producers. Releases December 5th.

Pre-order the 45 here.

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