Feeling This Friday: 88 Strong Tees

This is what we are feeling this Friday: 88 Strong Tees. With a new batch of sharply and meticulously put-together designs, 88 Strong has been really tearing up the game for the last few years. Whether it’s obscure record labels, artists, logos, artists, or their custom vinyl record-related designs, there is something for everyone. Pictured above are a few of the new designs (there are a lot more) and you’ll sure to be able to find something for yourself or that special someone who loves getting asked “Who is that on your shirt” every time they wear it.

Hit them up and use code fleamarketfunk to get 20% off of your order through December 10th.

Don’t sleep and keep on keepin’ on people! You don’t have to just feel this on a Friday (you can feel it every day), the designs are that dope.

Get the shirts here.

Dig Deeper!

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