Feeling This Friday: Lady Wray – Thank You

Lady Wray comes back again with another heat rock on Big Crown Records. Dropping yet another single off of Pieces of Me she taps into some gospel soul with “Thank You”.

My goal is always to help and to heal people with singing. Part of that is to try and bring back real music, real singing, so people can feel something again. 

Nicole Wray

For anyone who has been following the journey of Miss Nicole Wray and the maturation of her sound in the Big Crown Family, and for those who have just boarded the journey on this very special musical trip, her music will lift you up, as the songs says, “again and again”. On this single she goes back to her church roots and it’s her beautiful voice alone and a piano. Sometimes that’s all you need, and Wray’s performance on this one really solidifies her as a driving force in not just soul music today, but all music in general. With messages of perseverance and gratitude, Wray has earned the right to tell this story and we’re privileged to to be able to hear it. With Wray’s words and Big Crown as the conduit, this is a deep track we are all about. Give thanks today to that special someone, they deserve it. Listen to the single below and purchase after the stream. We would like to Thank You Nicole Wray, we’re feeling it this Friday.

Get the record here.

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