The Allergies: Utility Man

The Allergies finish off their excellent 2021 with their partna in crime Andy Cooper and drop a superbly dope single “Utility Man” off of their BBC 6 Album of the Day Promised Land.

No stranger to party rocking records, The Allergies throw down over a jazzy bass and heavy beats as Cooper, who, if you’re not familiar with his acumen, crushes it with his high energy fast rap. It’s a return to the Golden Age every time and linguistics that outshine most in the game at the moment. This trio has been dropping gem after gem after gem and well, no surprises here, this one’s dope on plastic. “Utility Man” takes it back, way back, when hip hop gave us something that meant something. As a storyteller, Cooper is underrated. And if you’re not down with his brand of feel-good rhyming and spitting, then this is a time to get down. The Allergies beat the big drum (like their Bristol cohort Boca 45) and always come up with fresh beats, samples, and on-point grooves for Cooper to light on fire. This time it’s the aforementioned bass, horns, piano, and a vocal stab that really rounds the track out. Let’s not forget the beats and DJ Moneyshot’s on-point cutting which again never disappoints. Allergies for the win again. Check out the track below:

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