Chris Lujan and Electric Butter: Ice Cold

This red hot forty-five from West Coast veteran Chris Lujan is quite fitting at the moment. While the East Coast is currently ice-cold, this new seven-inch is the anthem for us right now. drop the needle on the single “Ice Cold” and bring a jacket, because you’re gonna get blasted with that Arctic frost coming down through the North via Cali. Have no fear though, this record’s hot enough to keep you warm.

Lujan’s solo outfit gets released on the top-notch and never disappointing Fraternity Music label and with that, Chris Lujan and Electric Butter just keep getting better and better. The track “Ice Cold” features Joe Baer Magnant on guitar, Raynier Jacob Jacildo on Hammond Organ and Fender Rhodes, Lujan on Fender Bass, and Micah McClain on drums. Super Dusty Fingers heavy with drums, organ, and bass prominent, this could be a long lost heater that Fraternity found in the vaults, but on the real, it was recorded at Lugnut Headquarters on the Left Coast straight to the Tascam. The flip, “East Bay, West Coast” is a funky soul-jazz trip that screams early ’70s Chitlin Circuit goodness. Lujan knows how to put a band together and Fraternity knows how to lay a mix down and put out a proper forty-five. Listen to both tracks below and purchase after the stream. Hurry up, while the title may be cold, the music is red hot and these babies are moving fast. Tight, tight work by Lujan and company and more great work for Fraternity. This one is going to be on want lists in years to come.

Get the record here.

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