Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio – Don’t Worry ‘Bout What I Do

Back with their second single off the upcoming Cold As Weiss, Delvon Lamarr Trio heat it up once again with their signature funky tracks once again on “Don’t Worry ‘Bout What I Do”.

This is the first release from the band with new drummer Dan Weiss who also commands the funk and soul grooves in the band The Sextones. It’s like these three were born to play together and fit just like a glove; with Weiss, Lamarr and guitarist Jimmy James all complementing each other like it’s nobody’s business.

No matter what you say to this cat: ‘Yo bro your butt crack is showing,’ he always says the same thing: ‘Man… don’t worry ‘bout what I do.

Taking the famous and consistent quote from guitarist Jimmy James “Don’t Worry ‘Bout What I Do” and putting it down to their brand of feelgood funky soul-jazz, this track smokes. The groove is there, man. Jimmy James guitar is spot on, Lamarr’s organ playing kicks ass, and the drumming of Weiss crushes like it was born to be there from day one. We could see the DL03 on a bill in the late ’60/ early ”70s in any of the famous Chitlin’ Spots recorded on Blue Note, Prestige, CTI, etc. They carry the torch of these past cats but bring their new flavor for the two two as well. Get the record, out on Colemine February 11th. Another sure shot. Listen to the track below.

Pre-order the record here.

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