Pan Amsterdam: Uncircumvent

Yo 2022, you suck. No really, you do. There’s been a lot going on. Mainly COVID and long-tern COVID side effects, so I’m sorry it’s been a minute . BUT, and it’s a big ole but (not like LL’s song), we’re here. It’s our fifteenth year. Fifteen mother-loving years this March. Damn time flies. But I digress. Today we’ve got some hip hop from NYC’s Pan Amsterdam.

I see your jazz fans and raise you jazz hands…

We’ve been all over Pan Amsterdam before and this track is right on time and feels good. Asked to contribute to a project from up and coming producer Bury The Band (Cannibal Ox, Mr.MuthaFuckin’ eXquire, and Dope Knife among others), this single is a collection of thoughts next to his “AC vent feeling totally removed from these events.” It’s a tongue-in-cheek trip that will have you laughing as well as nodding your head as Pan Amsterdam has the rapier’s wit throughout the three minutes and eight seconds of this track. Plus you get some bonus trumpet playing from him as well: “brass bands next to public, trash cans/ the public claps hands.” So do we. Enjoy this superbly put-together single and if you’re feeling it support these two fine artists. Listen below and buy after the stream.

Get the single here.

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