Say She She – Forget Me Not

After a long wait, we get the first single from the highly anticipated Say She She on the Colemine Records imprint Karma Chief. For those who have been following along for some time, this is an exciting time not just for the band, but for every music head out there. With all that the world has been going through, we need Say She She right now.

Based in Brooklyn, this six-piece with three vocalists (Nya Parker Gazelle, Piya Malik & Sabrina Cunningham) who all do big things in their own right come together and with harmonies that you hear in your dreams (and who wouldn’t want to see and hear these beauties in your dreams?). Eliciting good grooves that will keep you moving until the sun rises over Prospect Park. When you’ve finished the last bottle of late ’70’s Bordeaux you’ve been saving and the last joint has been passed, you’ll soon not forget this group that is making waves not just in Brooklyn, but around the world. “Forget Me Not” is a catchy groover that will calm the most savage of beasts and push the late-night dance floor antics to another level. Bonus points for the flute and solo bass line, too. Nile Rodgers would be proud. Check out the track and video below. The video was directed by Alyssa Bonni.

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