Kerbside Collection: Round The Corner

Heavy heat coming out of Brisbane Australia today on the Légère Recordings imprint. This is the fourth record from the Down Under all-instrumental gritty jazz-funk & dusty rare groove ensemble, so if you’re new to their table, pull up a chair and get ready to be fed a piping hot meal of delicious sounds for your ears.

The band put together this beauty in the last 12 to 18 months of the Covid lockdown, and we’re telling you, they’re on to something in what people are saying is their most ambitious record out yet. We agree. Moving from Latin brass inspired tracks such as “Ortigas” (the Spanish name for annoying plant species which also can refer to the Covid-19 virus itself) to their Banda Black Rio cover of “Metalúrgica” or the Stevie Wonder inspired “Glaze”, it’s clear that the lockdown has this band digging deep and playing hard on this Lp. But there is so much more; the title track “Round The Corner” will get you moving on the dance floor (feel that bass line y’all), while “Curaidh” grooves with some electric Yamaha piano to keep that head nodding. Finishing up the record, both Cairo Green” and “Horizonte (Colours)” hold it down Blue Note style and elicit Horace Silver which is never a bad thing. With so many unknowns and uncertainties in this world, Round The Corner shows us that one thing is certain: Kerbside Collection has put out one badass record and it should be on your turntable now. Listen to the Lp below and order after the stream.

Get the record here.

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