Night Owls: Versions

Since their debut on F-Spot Records in 2019, the Night Owls have put out eight seven-inches that have lit up turntables from L.A. to Laos and beyond. Their Jamaican twist on soul and funk tunes has been played everywhere from KCRW to the BBC Worldwide. F Spot has now announced a “Versions” Lp that will be comprised of all of the band’s heavy grooves from this series of forty-fives.

This top-notch production team of heavy hitters features Dan Ubick (The Lions, Connie Price and the Keystones, De La Soul) on Guitar & Percussion, Blake Colie (Arise Roots, The Lions, Hollie Cook) on Drums, Dave Wilder (The Lions, Ziggy Marley, Macy Gray) on Bass, and Roger Rivas (The Aggrolites, Jason Mraz, LBDA) on Organ & Piano. They team up with a grip of today’s top soul singers to elevate their take on these tunes even higher (as close as the Most High as you can get!). The Lp features vocalists such as Afrodyete (Breakestra), Terin Ector (Orgone), Durand Jones (The Indications),  Malik “The Freq” Moore (The Lions), Alex Désert (Hepcat, The Lions), Jesse Wagner (The Aggrolites), Jamie Allensworth (Jungle Fire), Sy Smith (Macy Gray, Sheila E.), Chris Dowd (Fishbone), John Arther Bigham  (Fishbone, Soul Of John Black), Kevin Sandbloom, Kendra Morris and Destani Wolf (Matisyahu, The Pharcyde). Every track was carefully selected Ubick in order to match each vocalist’s strength. The result is nothing short of perfection! Heavy dub soul at its finest. Listen to the LP below and order after the stream, out on March 25th.

Pre-order the record here.

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