Bobby Oroza: Get On The Otherside

The Soul King is back and when we say king we mean it. Bobby Oroza gives us his sophomore album on Big Crown and while the soul crooning from the first record is still there, this time he tackles a bunch of deeper topics and the result is the fantastic Get On The Otherside.

I had to do some real self-searching, come to terms with what was wrong, and how much of it I was responsible for.

Like many of us in the creative space, when Covid hit, we had to pivot and do something else. While musicians were using the space to make more music, there were no tours, so Bobby went back to blue-collar work in construction. Grateful to be working, this work also had him facing brutal truths, many of which come out on this record. With straightforward hard truth tracks like “Through These Tears” (“Take a step and don’t look back/ Leave behind what you thought you were”), “I Got Love” (“I don’t make much money”) giving us what the true value of living is (love people!), “The Otherside” (“I spent too long trying to hold on”) and “Sweet Agony” (“it’s so lonely/ waiting for you to call me”), the voice is still there, but it’s a raw edginess from Oroza (and the accompanying music) that really adds to these hard facts of each track that grab ahold of you like two hands in the foggy beach. It’s maturity and the realization of what the world is, what love is, and what you are. Bobby isn’t the only one in this world who’s come to this conclusion, but he’s one of the best to put it down like this. Listen to a sampler of the record below and order after the stream. The album drops on June 10th.

Get the record here.

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