Feeling This Friday: Kind & Kind Zoo – Swamp

Here’s a record that may have flown under your radar while you were trying to get in line for Record Store Day or because of the complete lack of posts last month here (Thanks Covid!). A Flea Market Funk favorite, we’re happy to get you the latest effort from Switzerland’s Kind & Kinky Zoo, Swamp.

Kicking off this long player, “Genki Dane” is a keys driven and fuzzed out head nodder of a groover(Grant Green if he had gotten into funky fuzz rock) that sets us up for the tremendous second track  “Soif, Chameau, Pinot”. This is the track, that after going through the whole record, we were revisiting again and again. A huge Middle Eastern influence that just hits us hard right where it counts. Throw that funky flute in and we’re asking it to marry us. Teaming up with Blurum 13, “B.U.” or “But U” hits the spoken word organ jammy right on time, and while we’re at it, they “Hasta Cuando” throws some international flavor in with La Nefera & Margaux Malya (the strings in this track are super dope, what a surprise and this is one we could behind some black and white movie). The collaborations still run hot, too, as they set up with the funk Godfather Ricky Calloways on “Hot Love”, a previous funky single from 2020 that gained lots of love from the community. “Poulp Fiction” has car chase vibes and a hard as steel bass line and groove, while “True Trout” builds up right up to the time those picky fish grabs the fly and then by the time the fuzz guitar kicks in you’re reeling in hoping your line doesn’t break. Keeping it on the fish tip, the bonus track “Seabass” is another 7″ single favorite that is full of hard hitting drums, killer bass, organ and of course, that funky flute. If you’re looking for something you haven’t had in a while, and that’s something fresh and funky, this latest from Kind & Kinky Zoo will do the trick from start to finish. Listen to the album below and buy it after the stream:

Get the record here.

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