The Bombillas: Nac Nac b/w Senebi

It’s always good to see new music coming out of the F-Spot camp, and this latest from The Bombillas is surely a treat. So much, that we’re putting it out on the Saturday of the holiday weekend here it’s that good. Let’s jump into the upcoming instrumental single “Nac Nac” and the flip “Senebi”.

With much applause from their self-titled, long-player full of jams, this LA quartet smoke show of funky beats, Middle Eastern rhythms, and African funk hit it out of the park with this double-sider. The A-side, “Nac Nac” is a psychedelic funk jam that creates visions of Addis Abbaba in the early to mid-’70s meeting some private press psych-folk goodness. Plenty of vintage sounds here including synths, delays, phaser, and more. This track hits hard and before you know it, you’re sweaty and you pick up the needle again to go another round. Flip the record over though, and you get the brightly colored “”Senebi”, an Arabic cinematic jammer that is chock full of spacey feels and a groove that just will not quit. The Bombillas come correct with an authentic sound and are one of the few (and we say few) that are bringing this sound front and center in today’s musical climate. This record is a definite winner and should not be missed. One of those records that in years to come you’ll wish you grabbed it because there are like 3 of them on Discogs and they’re like three figures each. You’re scratching your head saying: “I should’ve listened to Flea Market Funk.” This one is out on July 29th. Listen to both sides below and pre-order after the stream.

Pre-order the 45 here.

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