Exit Wichita: Shawn Lee Documentary

Today we have a sneak preview of the new Shawn Lee documentary from filmmaker Thomas Draudt that premiere’s right here on Flea Market Funk on Friday, July 8th. Check out what Draudt had to say about this project:

“Living in San Francisco in the 90’s, I was made aware of Shawn Lee through the folks at The Groove Merchant record shop, namely Cool Chris and Andrew Jervis. I also got to know Michael McFadin and Jody who owned the shop and Ubiquity Records. Originally I heard Shawn’s music via Ping Pong Orchestra, which was appearing on early Ubiquity comps (Mo’ Cookin’, Still Cookin’) and after that, pretty much everything thing he’s made since. His mid-aught’s Ubiquity releases are some of my favorite records in my collection. And, his more recent excursions with Bei Bei, Misha Panfilov, and Young Gun Silver Fox (to mention a few) are proof that he’s one of the most diverse and accomplished music artists in the scene for the past 25 years.  I’ve always been interested in his story- his history- growing up in Wichita, Kansas, doing a stint in LA, and then having a major record label move him to London. So, when I saw that Shawnwas coming to Boston (where I currently live), I messaged him and arranged to meet him outside the venue where he was playing on the day of the show (he was touring with Joel Culpepper supporting Tom Misch- playing drums). I had done some additional research on him and came with a set of questions, a camera, and a microphone. So, this humble effort is the result of that spontaneous interview and my no-budget attempt to make a film from it. I decided to color his story in with vinyl records from my collection.”

-Filmmaker Thomas Draudt

Watch the preview here:

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