Mukatsuku Presents Open Souls: Turn It Up

And we’re back again with some steaming hot funk from one of the hardest working labels out there: Mukatsuku Records. When it comes to all things funky, the label has you covered on everything from funk, soul, afrobeat, disco, boogie, and more. Today we take a seat and turn it up loud on the turntable because Open Souls have something to say!

This double-sider of heat really scratches that itch if you know what we mean. Female-fronted hardcore heat with the burner on high by Tyra Hammond and a heavy, heavy dose of backbeat, “Turn It Up!” really checks all the boxes for us on one 45. With a Southern-style funk sound (think Stax but updated), this record grabs you with the guitar and bass, while simultaneously keeping your head nodding and Miss Tyra gets in your face with those vocals. We dig the sound, and in fact, it reminds us how much we love the funk here at FMF and how excited we would get when we found a record like this all up in the field. The flip is a scorching instrumental, one that has not been available before, because you know how Mukatsuku do, and they do well. File this under female funk, funk revival, and quite honestly, under badass funk.

Listen to the track here.

Buy the record here.

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