The Pro-Teens: Doomsday b/w Curls

It was a hard one. I can remember driving with my son when the news came over the radio. “The rapper known as MF DOOM is dead.” I had to pull the car over. I was in disbelief. But the way thy did it, the mystery behind it was something that of course DOOM orchestrated and would have wanted. Fast forward to now, two years later. His legacy and tributes live on. Today we have a band that is no stranger to paying homage to the Metal Face. Coming straight out of Melbourne, their previous effort blew doors off. This one is just as good or even better. Let’s get into it as Harry Mack would say.

As the sessions went on, the Pro-Teens traversed lots of ground with the arrangements and productions. This diversity of tones, moods, feels and arrangements was an intentional act to mirror the diversity within DOOM’s own diverse musical vocabulary. We wanted to fluctuate between putting their own spin on DOOM’s classic tunes as well as staying true to the original source

Hudson Whitlock

The A, “Doomsday”, taken from the debut LP Operation Doomsday gets rearranged and reconfigured but put back as a super dreamy, funky synthesizer jawn. With vocals from “Polly The Invincible Pearl” putting her spin on “Pebbles The Invincible Girl’s” hook (inspired by the great Sade), this one ends up floating on a cloud somewhere in the mid-1970s and moves like the best of them. The flip “Curls”, taken from the Madlib collaboration (never gets old, never will) MadVillainy from 2004 sees the band hitting that boom bap head nodder backbeat as they take apart the original Brazilian sample and put it back together lovely with the organ, marimba, and guitars. They put their own spin on it and it is a fitting tribute for sure. Listen to the title track below, and pre-order after the stream. Out July 29th on College of Knowledge Records.

Get the forty-five here.

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