Group Modular: Per Aspera b/w Ad Astra

Back once again and four years after their first single on the Delights label, Group Modular returns with another forty-five that will raise eyebrows and keep those heads nodding with their special sound. And if you do not have a space suit for this journey, we recommend one as you’re going to need it. Group Modular is taking you back to the time when classic television space shows sounded like this very record, and one more thing: they keep it funky.

The A-Side, “Per Aspera” (“through hardships”) hits hard and throws the listener into outer space with heavy-ass bass and drums for days (courtesy of Elia Yakin) plus a synthesizer that puts the listener directly into an early 70s science fiction movie. Put on your space helmet because it’s time to push the warp speed button and go explore the outermost regions of the universe! And that’s exactly what you do with the B-Side, “Ad Astra” which means “to the stars”. Dodging space junk, asteroids, and any other object that comes hurling at you at speeds you’ve never experienced before, this brand new track (just like the A) lives up to its name. The addition of Sagi Sachs on the kit on this track really hits hard on an already tough track. Group Modular takes its cue from 1960s and 1970s film, library, and exploitation music and they stay right on that path, not only with this double-sided heater but in past releases as well, they kept it funky, too. When Markey Funk and Mule Driver are involved in a record, it’s really time to pay attention because there are lessons to be learned. Welcome back Group Modular! Listen to both sides of this record below, and pre-order after the stream. The record is released on August 29th.

Pre-order the record here.

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