Sokabe Keiichi & Inokasira Rangers – Born Slippy b/w Groove Tube

File under records that might have slid past you but just got reissued. This one will bring back a bit of Nostalgia and you’ll get hooked on the infectious feels of Sokabe Keiichi & Inokasira Rangers and their version of Underworld’s “Born Slippy”.

Originally released in 2021 but back again for another pressing of the Underworld anthem. In the past, the Japanese rocksteady/ reggae crew has covered everyone from Nirvana to New Order to Pharrell. This time they take one of the most memorable and thematic tracks from Underworld and the classic cinema of Trainspotting and put it down pon the disc in a fine reggae style. What’s even better or should we say eerie is Sokabe Keiichi’s almost spot-on Karl Hyde vocals. The heavy grooves and vibes that are given off from the bass-filled riddim help make this track shine like Mark Renton ripping off the psycho Begbie and starting a new life. This is one terrific cover/ reworking that we can not get enough of. The flip, “Groove Tube” is a cover of Japanese band Flipper’s Guitar from 1991 and of course transformed into another rocksteady groover. Our money is on the A though, so well done lads and Parktone Records. Listen to the record below and order after the stream.

Get the record here.

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