Misha Panfilov – The Sea Will Outlive Us All

Misha Panfilov has been dropping gems for the world for quite some time now. Whether it’s heavy funk, blazed out, psychedelic soul or library music sounds, his solo, combo, and collaborations have put him on the radar of DJs and collectors throughout the world. The man puts out quantity and quality projects, and they all do not disappoint. His latest effort The Sea Will Outlive Us All is a shining example of this man’s genius.

The Sea Will Outlive Us All is more than a stone-cold groove. It’s a siren’s call from the sea that doesn’t smash your vessel up against the rocks but leads you out of the storm and to safety. This effort, with its jazzy, psychedelic and mellowed-out feels, and Khruangbin-like grooves will have you needle-dropping this repeatedly. Tracks like “Seagulls” and “Waves” keep it on the atmospheric, chill-out tip while “At The Helm” picks up the groove a bit and Madis Katkosilt’s drums blend perfectly with Panfilov’s synth goodness. “Baltica Calls Me” is a mesmerizing beckoned plea from the ocean’s vocals as if the sea spoke through music. It’s exactly what you’d imagine she would sound like. “Storm” hits like a psychedelic breeze while tracks such as the surfy “Shingle Beach” and “Blue Marina” take the listener to the beach and under the lagoon, respectively. These sound patterns are very relaxing and very real and intoxicating. The records end with two gems. “Medusa”, with twinges of exotica floats along the seashore while the closer “Raindrops On The Water” bids the listener farewell with a beautiful, synthy feel of an open window, hard rain, and a dream of the return of the warm sun. And that warm sun is Panfilov. He for sure will return with more music, but for now, The Sea Will Outlive Us All is all we all need in our lives.

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