Jake Mehew-Sage

If you have not got your hands on an ATA release and know nothing about the label, this one is something to hold on to. Based out of Leeds, UK, ATA has been producing some of the best records that you didn’t know you needed. Steeped deep like a cup of Rosie Lee, they have released records that hit genres like funk, soul, library, disco, and spiritual jazz among others. This latest offering is Jake Mehew’s contemporary spiritual jazz future classic, Sage.

This debut on the ATA Records label by Mehew is exactly what the doctor ordered. It immediately sets the mood and his spot on performing and recording this record in just a week with mostly one-take improvisations is a testament not just to Mehew’s brilliance, but to ATA’s natural knack for aligning themselves with incredible players. With eleven tracks, we get a sneak peek of two of them at this time. “The Black Nation”, an electro-acoustic combination that floats gently on a fog-filled morning lifts us up, moving us out of our bodies to watch from above before we get the next taste of “The Key”. This one could be the late ’60s if you close your eyes. Percussion builds up to a steady groove, keys, horns, drums and that bassline gets into your spirit and moves you. Two very purposeful and deep tracks that illustrate the rawness of Mehew’s performances and why ATA Records should be on your radar and the back catalog on your shelf. Listen to both tracks below and pre-order after the stream. The record is released on September 16.

Pre-order the record here.

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