Shake! Brooklyn w/ Special Guest Shawn Dub

Join Monk-One and Flea Market Funk as we are at it again this month for Brooklyn’s Shake! party at Friends and Lovers in Crown Heights. The longest-running all vinyl party at FnL, we welcome the esteemed selector Shawn Dub to the stage this Saturday night August 13th at 10 pm.

As always, Friends and Lovers is a safe space for everybody. We play music. You dance. It’s that simple. NO REQUESTS, keep dancing. Expect lots of funk, disco, house and NYC dance floor classics as well as some downtown sounds and riddims that made places like the Roxy a mecca for good music. We’re also playing (see what we did there) tribute to the greats like David Mancuso, Larry Levan who made The Loft and Paradise Garage the best NYC dance spaces the city has ever seen. Props to the originators, we’re carrying the torch and turning on people to the music and spirit of these records. Come as you are and dance from doors open at 10 pm ’til doors close at 4 am.

Shake! w/ residents Monk-One + DJ Prestige
Special Guest Shawn Dub (Human Head)

Friends and Lovers
641 Classon Ave.
Brooklyn, NYC

$5 before midnight/ $10 after | 21+

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