Moman: Nigeria Nicer 1980-1991

It’s always great to hear when digger, preservationist, historian, and all-around culture preserver Moman has another project out. We’ve gained so much knowledge from his projects like No Man Is An Island, Born In A Car Crash, Nigeria Nice, and we’d like to introduce you to his latest ‘zine/ mixtape: Nigeria Nicer.

Nixon has spent the last twenty years collecting and researching music from around the world. His expertise lies in so many areas: Jamaican Oldies, Hip Hop, Funk, Psych/Indie Rock, Soul, Jazz, Disco, Boogie, African, Caribbean, Salsa, and Cumbia. He’s also worked with the Library of Congress and is knowledgable in the areas of American Folk, Country, R&B, and Blues. This latest release follows up on 2019’s Nigeria Nice.

I’ve made a lot of zines over the years, but this is truly one of the flyest.

Morgan “Moman” Nixon

Nigeria in the 1980s and 1990s most definitely mirrored the trends of the West but still stayed true to its African roots. So whether the tracks closely resembled Boys II Men, Janet Jackson, or the like, these records were Africa through and through. R & B, New Jack Swing, you name it, Africa was making their own versions of what we were doing over here and producing huge radio hits in The Motherland. In this project Moman explores all of this, and with help from graphic designer Jeremy Wirth, they’ve put together something special. The design, dayglow colors, and typography are top-notch. Also, 100% of all proceeds benefit the Bisi Alimi Foundation, which advocates for the rights and dignity of LGBT people in Nigeria. This project is most definitely one of the flyest (graphicly & subject matter) he’s done.

Read the ‘zine and download the mix here.

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