Heroes of Limbo: Don’t Sweat The Technique b/w T.R.O.Y

Coming out of the Mocambo Records camp like a speeding freight train, the latest heater from Heroes of Limbo will have people scrambling for a copy of this forty-five in droves. These interpretations of two hip-hop classics are hot commodities, so sit back and get ready to go on a hip-hop ride like you’ve never been on before.

This two-sider has two afrobeat reworkings of tracks that are stone-cold classics in their own right. Pretty much unfuckable with. While you may have heard marching bands do a hip-hop cover here and there, you have never heard these two interpreted like this. Eric B. and Rakim’s “Don’t Sweat The Technique” and Pete Rock and CL Smooth’s “They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.)” are both stripped down and put back together in instrumental form, pushing “polyrhythmic percussions” and big horn energy is indeed stunning, to say the least. With this energy comes big responsibility and both tracks command the audience to stand up and move. There is no need for pause, and never a need for the DJ to be berated Wiz Khalifa style (eff that guy) because the Heroes of Limbo recognize that the DJ is the backbone, the selector, and can change the mood with selections like this. These tracks make you feel good, a throwback to a feelgood time, and as you’ll hear, will have you needle dropping over and over again. We particularly dig the flip, “T.R.O.Y.”, that just goes off in heavy with those big saxophone feels, hitting Tom Scott’s hook and taking you from 1967 California to 1990s New York City and then 1970s Lagos, Nigeria. The Eric B. and Rakim cover is dope too, different feels but the same effect, telling you to move sucka. This is a record that will be coveted for years to come. Get your hands on it by any means necessary. Listen to both sides below:

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