Shake! Brooklyn x Buscrates

Join the Shake! Brooklyn crew Saturday night December 10th as we welcome Buscrates back to the stage once again in Crown Heights, Brooklyn for a night of live synth performances and a DJ set combined. We’ve had a lot of performers roll through Shake! over the years and Buscrates has given us one of the most unique DJ/ live performance sets of that time. Speaking of, if you missed last month’s set with Ma-Nu! from Italy and Prince of Queens from NYC. It was a live DJ set with live beats on the fly. Dope sets all night. We recorded the set so stay tuned for its release.

Here are the details for Saturday night:

Shake! Brooklyn
w/ Residents Monk-One (NYC Trust & Wax Poetics) +
DJ Prestige (Flea Market Funk)

Special Guest DJ Set & Live Performance|

Buscrates (Pittsburgh, PA)

Friends & Lovers
641 Classon Ave.
Brooklyn, NYC

See you on the dance floor.

Always Diggin’!

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