Night Owls: Cramp Your Style

Coming back like a bull through a china shop after their full length from earlier this year, Night Owls release another double-sided banger of a forty-five for maximum dance floor movement. F-Spot Records coming correct once again with the goods: “Cramp Your Style” and “Your Old Standby”.

Side A is exactly what you’d expect from a cover of the seminal B-Boy track “Cramp Your Style.” Recognizable from Boogie Down Productions’ use of it on “Still Number One” and Cypress Hill’s “Real Estate”, this reggae twist to this classic is dope as hell. Enlisting the vocals of legendary Brand New Heavies singer N’Dea Davenport is also dope as hell. Taking the tempo down to skanking territory (dig the “Greedy G nod in the middle), you’d be hard-pressed to find a pair of legs in the room that couldn’t move to this business. Flip it over though, and while Night Owls slow it down a bit and go Motown on your backside. This time it’s Latina heartthrob and soulful siren Trish Toledo that takes over the Mary Wells vocals on “Your Old Standby”. This record side is for cruising around the park or block, windows down and head nodding. It’s a beautiful JA take on this soul classic. Two sides, two different tempos; one great effect. F-Spot keeps elevating the bar here people, and we’re excited for the second single that has dropped recently, which we’ll get to next week for sure. Until then, enjoy more of this fantastic music from The Left Coast. One last note, play it loud!

Get the record here.

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