In Motion Collective: Hong Sau

As we roll into our 16th year here at Flea Market Funk, we just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to all who have supported this site. Whether this is your first time reading it or you’ve been down with the many designs, reviews, mixes, interviews or the like through out our decade and a half plus, we appreciate you all. Last year was by far our slowest year, so this year we will be back on track as much as we can with new music and more. Today, we wanted to visit a record that dropped in the last month of 2022 that may have snuck under your radar. We’re speaking of In Motion Collective’s “Hong Sau” on All Town Sound Records.

If you’ve been on the Colemine Records tip, then you’ll recognize the name from the previous “Jessie’s Jing” 45 on the label from 2013 and the All Town Sound label from a few forty fives on the reggae, afrobeat, and cumbia genres (among others). This latest record features label honcho Mitchum Yacoub on percussion and Tim Felten from Sure Fire Soul Ensemble on keys as well as a slew of other talented players. Other musicians include Joe Harrison, Dillon Casey, Tim McNalley, Jeff Wilson, and Jesse Audelo, have gone on to work with bands and artists such as Holy Hive, Hether, The Sure Fire Soul Ensemble, Nick Hakim, Futurebirds, Evangeline, and more. So you know this is legit. The A, “Hong Sau” grooves along nicely with tinges of psychedelia and soul, akin to influences like David Axelrod, The Rugged Nuggets and The Menehan Street Band. Vibes for days! The flip, “Elephant Walk”, driven by horns, slowed down, and a definitely slow burn that still will get heads nodding. All in all, a great offering from this collective, that hopefully, we will be hearing a lot more from. Check out both tracks below and grab the 45 after the stream.

Get the 45 here.

Always Diggin’!

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