Nicole Willis & the Soul Investigators – Break Free

By now you’ve all been exposed to some of the cream of the crop of contemporary Soul music, Nicole Willis & the Soul Investigators. Their highly anticipated new record, Tortured Soul gives us a chance to check out a newer and more mature sound that band has been cultivating since their last release Keep Reachin’ Up. But don’t expect a whole new different aural experience, this record still features the raw, spot on production techniques of Didier Selin, string arrangements by Pekka Kuusisto, horn arrangements by Jazz musician Jimi Tenor and all that real feel Soul sound The Soul Investigators have brought in the past. Let’s not forget the great vocal stylings of Nicole Willis, who takes you back to when Soul music was raw and meant something. 7 years is a long time in between records, but this kind of music is well worth the wait. Here’s the first single “Break Free (Shake A Tail Feather)” by Slowknow Productions.

Get more info over at Timmion Records.

Check out FMF’s Reel Talk interview with Nicole Willis here.

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