Big Ups with Meaty Ogre


Back in the day I was an extreme lurker (and sometimes thread contributor) to the infamous Soul Strut website. I liked to add stuff that I knew, but the level of knowledge dropped was off the charts. You had real deal vinyl record collectors and dealers, plus known producers waxing poetic on all kinds of topics. This community could be harsh if you half stepped, and the gifs (“Take that shit to the!”, and “Walk away son” among others) had you rolling off of your desk chair. Throughout all of this, a dude named Meaty Ogre used to be one of the guys who I always listened when he posted. I knew he was a deep record guy, and I was delighted to hear that over the last year or so he had started his own record label, Cherries Records. If you are not familiar with Andrew Brearley, here’s your chance to get to know this heavy weight in the record game. Representing Chicago, IL, and Cherries Records proper, enjoy this week’s interview here on Flea Market Funk.


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2 responses to “Big Ups with Meaty Ogre

  1. Much respect goes out to FMF and Meaty Ogre for being 2 of the coolest people whom I’ve never met. Your willingness to drop knowledge is truly appreciated.

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