Gil Scott-Heron – Home is Where The Hatred Is (DJ Vas Re-work)


Today we bring some re-edit goodness from Paris, France via DJ Vas. DJ Vas was part of the French band Kojack, an important act who, along side Daft Punk, Air, and Cassius produced some really ground breaking and popular music coming out of France. With more than 25 singles under their belt, a DJ record, and 30 remixes including Mary J. Blige’s “Deep Inside”, their reputation for solid music and production goes without saying. Vas has focused on more of his solo work since then and is releasing records in the Disco Soul and Funk areas. This 2012 redit of Gil Scott-Heron’s “Home Is Where The Hatred Is” is a perfect blend of the classic tune and some of this talented DJ and producer’s special sauce. Vas injects a good amount of down tempo beats, but just enough to get the dance floor moving as well taking it to the after party when everyone wants to chill out. The track was taken from the 10″ Re-Edit & More Vol. 2, which includes reworked tracks of Herbie Hancock and James Mason as well, is definitely a keeper. Recommended for that late night crowd or the early morning after the party set, Gil Scott-Heron never sounded so good remixed.

More Reworks by DJ Vas on his Soundcloud page.

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