lil’ dave & Personify – Gotcha Covered



They say the best form of flattery is imitation, so if that holds true, DJ’s lil’ dave (Ill Vibe Collective) and Personify (Little Big Things) have dug deep into their collections to find some of the best forms of flattery every laid down on vinyl. With over 35 years + combined digging and DJing experience, Gotcha Covered is for diggers, music aficionados, beat heads, DJs, appreciators of quality music and is a superbly crafted mix tape. With choice selections, seamless blending, and crisp cuts and scratches, the Philly duo have put together a choice crop of Jazz, Funk, Soul, Reggae, Afrobeat, Steel Drum, Brass Band, R & B and more cover songs. You know when you’re digging, you are always looking for that great cover that has a drum break, sample, or interpretation of everyone from Al Green to James Brown. Let’s face it, most of these covers are super dope. These guys have dug up the best of the best for the listener. This particular mix runs the gamut from the insanely rare to the common cover, which makes it appealing to serious vinyl record diggers and music lovers alike. If you’re looking for a track list to see what is on this over 90 minute gem, you’re out of luck. You will have to find out who’s paying tribute to the original artists yourself. You know, like before there was an internet, e-digging, Discogs, or WhoSampled. Entertaining and educating, lil’ dave and Personify have done a great job here, and to boot, they are giving it away for FREE. You do have the option, however, to grab a limited edition CD of the mix with great artwork to add to your hard copy mix tape collection if you so chose (File it next to DJ Riz and those Daddy Dog late 90’s mixes, plus your Soulman collection). That’s more than 90 covers for $10. A good deal if I do say so my self. Gotcha Covered is one of the better mixes we’ve gotten here at Flea Market Funk this year and deserves to be in any digger’s colelction of mixes. There were quite a few covers I had heard and own, and some I hadn’t. If I can get my hands on the Brazilian “Pass The Peas”, Ima play the shit out of it. What about that Mulata cover? Deeeeep! Don’t sleep, this is just what you need to start your Monday off with. Give it a listen:

Download Gotcha Covered here.

Keep Diggin’!

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