Beathoven – Realized EP

Have you noticed the surge in Boogie and Modern Funk artists and releases being played these days? It was inevitable that the sound would come back, so while you thought it was safe to put your D Train records back, you better think again. Head charged by Stones Throw’s Dam Funk, who is leading the movement and spreading his synthy Funk all over the globe, there have been a bunch of artists doing the same. One of these artists is Beathoven out of Valencia, Spain. His experimental, electronic Space Funk boogie has been bottled up on the Realized EP on the Ethereal LAB label and hand delivered via rocket ship to the masses.

The Realized EP is seven songs, one being a remix (or reinterpretation) of Dam Funk’s “I Don’t want To Be A Star”, but the real stars are the six other tracks Beat Hoven offers up. If electric bass lines and heavy 80’s synth are your bag, then this experimental record filled with Hip Hop, Boogie, Electronic, and Modern Funk sounds is for you. Actually, it’s for everybody, because once you listen, you’re not going to be able to turn it off. The Funk Ship lands on “Entry” , and what follows can only be described as a loopy, electric ride through the cosmos. Stand out tracks are the upbeat “Driving”, where I expect to see shoulder padded gumby cut dancers freaking it to the beat, the late night, quiet storm vibe of “Realized”, and the laid back grooves of “Sad Song”. It’s great to see a part of the music population grabbing on to this kind of stuff, and keeping the fire lit for today’s music lovers. There is plenty of room for this music. it’s different, edgy, and who doesn’t want to feel like they just got off a rocket ship? Beat Hoven has a few other releases that are available as well, so if you dig the Realized EP, by all means support this indie artist. Think different, keep your ears and mind wide open, this music is for the people.

Get the release here.

Check out Beathoven on facebook.

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