Beath aka Beathoven – Evening + FMC

a1402907941_10We’ve been noticing a strong resurgence in Boogie as of late, newer artists with that sound and feel of that era: synths, electronic drums, hard bass lines. To tell you the truth, we never gave it much attention here at Flea Market Funk. Besides the odd D Train record we have dug up here and there, it was always uncharted territories. However, with a lot of this coming across our plate, we felt it necessary to highlight some of these artists. One such artist going in the Modern Funk & Soul/ Boogie direction is Valencia, Spain’s Beathoven. We reviewed his Realized Ep a while back, and he’s back like Snoop with funky ass shit like every day.

These two tracks come off of his Ethereal LAB forthcoming release, which if the full length is as good as these two sides, we are definitely excited to hear more. “Evening” is some smooth, smooth stuff. No, not your mother’s smooth Christopher Cross type records. These tracks are heavily dominated by the bass and slide along lovely with airy synths and drums that knock. Modern Funk at its finest. The second track, “FMC”, fuses the sound of classic Boogie with its futuristic cousin that Beath has given birth to. The 80’s feel is definitely present, and having lived through that era and vowing never to go back, we cannot deny the way this track gets you moving. We’re waiting for Jerome to come out with a mirror so Beath can fix his hair in it. Too future? No way. Funky like your grandpas’s drawers, both of these tracks do the genres justice. Look for more Beathoven on the Ethereal LAB label in the future.

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