Bridge City Hustle – Can’t Let Go

1417487_689181687767824_498109573_oBCH-45_470In today’s environment, everyone has a sound cloud or site where they can share digital files of their music, get their tunes out to the world and get noticed. It’s convenient and a great way for someone to hear your music half way across the globe. But in the old days, you had to hear it on the radio, buy it at a physical record store, or have it handed to you by someone who actually had the record in their hands. That’s exactly what happened with this release we have today. I was carrying my record box on my way to doing a set at the Dust & Grooves book launch, and someone spotted the 45 case. I got slipped this record for the sheer fact that I was carrying records. Working their music any way they can, Bridge City Hustle bridge the gap between the old and the new not just musically, but in the way they get their music out there. Here’s their debut 45 on deck today.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Bridge City Hustle made enough money to put out a five song EP, vinyl, a tour and promote themselves as an outfit. Their mission: redefine Soul music in Brooklyn, NY. Featuring Johnny Burgos on vocals/percussion, Pete O’Neill on bass/backing vocals, Dave Zerio on drums/keys, Dan Cherouny on saxophone/backing vocals, and John Bendy on guitar, BCH are storytellers. Keeping one foot firmly in their influences of Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, and James Brown, they merge that world while staying relevant in today’s music scene. Staying true to vintage recording techniques in their production has helped them gain their own unique sound as staples in NYC hotspots such as Bowery Electric, the Cutting Room, and the Mercury Lounge among others. Diverse session musicians coming together to form BCH and a definitive sound all on their own.

Recorded at Flux Studios here in NYC, this forty five features two songs that each have a distinctive sound. The A side, “Can’t Let Go” is an updated sweet Soul side (loosely based on Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On”) that has a message. Johnny Burgos has that smooth voice that breaks into falsetto at the drop of a hat, and with Bendy’s guitar right with him, the two guide you along this soulful journey. Accompanied by Cherouny’s sax and a the steady drums of Dave Zerio, this buttery tune sits along side other Modern Soul tracks with an almost Brand New Heavies like vibe. This sound is where they stay relevant in today’s market. The flip, “In Love This Way” is a slower track with a Dub feel that echoes an achy quiet storm from start to finish. Burgos doesn’t hold back and is silky with the vocals on this one as well. A solid double sider of Modern Soul for sure. While technology is necessary to reach the world with your message, it just goes to show you that the old fashioned way works too. Bridge City Hustle live up to their name and prove theirs more than one way to get their music and story out there. You’ll be hearing more from these guys for sure.

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