Third Coast Kings – Just Move

Third Coast Kings Just MoveMichigan’s finest Deep Funk cuts outfit is back with the funky stuff on their latest single “Just Move” off of West Grand Boulevard, available May 19th on Record Kicks. Recorded in Ann Arbour and mixed by funk producer Nate Goldentone (Dojo Cuts, The Liberators), this seven piece band makes Funk & Soul music like it should be made: raw and in your face. They aspire to bring the real sound of dusty 45s to the people, and they succeed quite well at it. Their special sound puts the F back in Funk, and like a growing number of acts, exposes the listener to what this kind of music really should sound like.

“Gonna give y’all what funky means.”- Third Coast Kings

With a funky bass line, Sister Soul vocals, and a heavy back beat, “Just Move” is proper Funk without any questions. Ike’s vocals take you there, and by there I mean to the place. Chicago 1969, Atlanta 1970, NYC in 1973. Raw, funky and what we define as a classic sound. Kid this ain’t no Rock and Roll dream. This is real. If you can’t get up and move on this one, go to your doctor, you need to be checked out for lack of Soul. They have put together an LP and translucent 45 package that is pretty dope, so jump on it and support original, live music that sounds like the music when music was music. Third Coast Kings keep that tradition going, and they show no signs of slowing down. Good on them.


Get the bundle and more here.

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