Chris Hazleton’s Boogaloo 7 – The Chartreuse Woman b/w The Grand Avenue Get-Down

B7 InstaBoogaloo 7 45As the cooler weather creeps in here in JC, we’ve got some cool funky jazz for you courtesy of Chris Hazleton’s Boogaloo 7. Reminiscent of the late 60’s Prestige and Blue Note soul jazz recordings, this organ driven group is sure to make a splash with their first effort on Sunflower Soul Records. This is not only the band’s first record, but the debut of this unique label as well. A nod to their weekly gig at the Green Lady Lounge in Kansas City where they pack them in, this double sider is just what the doctor ordered.

“The Chartreuse Woman”, is sweetness right from the jump off. Close your eyes and you can hear greats like Jack McDuff or Jimmy McGriff starting their set off with music similar to this. Free and easy, this horn filled soulful track is soul jazz through and through. Hazleton has tugged on our heart strings here, he knows exactly what we crave at Flea Market Funk, and this track is it. A freight train of real deal jazz right to your ears. The flip, “The Grand Avenue Get-Down” bumps up the tempo a bit and has the ‘Hot Barbeque” feel to it. A little latin flavor thrown in for good measure, this track is sure to get you up and moving. Heavy on the horn, but still featuring Hazleton’s ever present Hammond B-3, lovers of the organ sound will definitely want to jump on this. It’s always great to see and hear a band in the modern sense tackling the sound of yesterday (and doing it well). Both tunes were recorded live straight to 4-track in one afternoon and pressed up on vinyl at Rainbo Records. Available on 45 RPM vinyl and high quality mp3 download, the street date for this slab of heat is October 17th. Don’t sleep on some soul jazz, and remember where you heard it first!

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