Action Bronson & Party Supplies – The Light In The Addict Feat. Black Atlass

The Light In The AddictWe don’t like much new Hip Hop here, but there are some standouts that we can not deny. This guy is one of them. It’s no secret we ride hard for Action Bronson here. Although IOHO Bronsolino was hit or miss since Dr. Lecter, he’s dropped a few gems that we could back. His “Easy Rider” video showed how he likes to rock, and just when you think he’s shown it all, he goes for it again with this new track. Choosing to work with a variety of producers throughout his short career (and getting very different results with each), it seems like he has taken a liking to working with Party Supplies. The two together have churned out some great material, call them The Wonder Twins if you will. Although The Road Warriors might be more appropriate. The same goes for this new track “The Light In The Addict”, a track the chef goes into even new territory. Even though it’s a Party Supplies joint, Bam Bam steals the show with great lyrics and some surprisingly good blues vocals, plus additional vocals by Black Atlass. Add crooning to his CV, is there anything this man can’t do? This record sounds like it was improvised on the spot like some late night jazz session, Party Supplies making a quick piano riff beat and Bronson freestyling over the beat that turns into his best Little Freddy King impersonation. Everyone wins on “The Light In The Addict”, and what joint wouldn’t be complete without some ya mama ribbing, the best we’ve heard since The Pharcyde. Like we said, Bronson can be hit or miss, but this track is a hit. It also doesn’t hurt that his cooking show Fuck That’s Delicious is one of the most innovative shows not on tv. This dude’s a star and a character who shoots straight from the hip. Putting Queens on the map once again, Action Bronson looks like he’s in this game to stay.

Keep Diggin’!


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