Live From Greenville Studios: The Podcast

Live From Greenville Studios 800It’s been a long time coming, and now that we are settled in to the new lab, we’ve got our first episode of the podcast up. Live From Greenville Studios is a two hour radio show/ podcast hosted by DJ Prestige. For the duration of the show, we try to pack in as much great music as we can. Featuring new, important music that should be getting the shine it so rightfully deserves as well as the foundations of that music from yesterday Live From Greenville Studios translates the daily FMF to your headphones. On episode 1, we highlight a grip of great artists from around the world in our studio overlooking beautiful New York City.

Download to the podcast here.

Check the episode over at Mixcloud

Episode 1 Track List:

1. Klaus Layer – For The People Like Us
2. Bobby Hutcherson – Aquarian Moon
3. Sure Fire Soul Ensemble – Layin’ Low
4. Hi Society Brothers – Don’t Spill The Wine
5. Sammy Dread – Dreadlock Queen
6. The Relatives – Leave Something Worthwhile
7. The Slingshots – Coffee Cold
8. Tony Newman – Soul Thing
9. Soul Sugar – River Nile (Version)
10. Black Market Brass – Big Muffler
11. Jimmy McGriff – Stump Juice
12. Lee Fields – My World
13. Pete Rock & CL Smooth – Ghettos of the Mind (Freqnik & WDRE Remix)
14. Danny Spice – Incredible
15. The Expansions – Aubergine’s Escape
16. Willie West – Down On Lover’s Road
17. Loleatta Hollaway – Bring It On Up
18. The Soulmates – People We Gotta Do Better
19. Beta Club – Brassa Nova
20. Paz Antiguana – Surfing The Channel
21. The Rugby’s – You, I
22. In Motion Collective – Jesse’s Jing
23. Tags – Get Out My Life Woman
24. Rockfire Funk Express – Rockfire Funk Express
25. Studio G’s Beat Group – Movin’
26. Fumaca Preta – A Bruxa
27. Antibalas – Tattletale Part 1
28. The M-Tet – Bikes
29. Joanna Law – Midnight Blue
30. Brukky – Why Yu Nuh

See you on the next episode.

Keep Diggin’!


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