B-Boy Bionics b/w Dust – Mac McRaw, Audessey, and Oxygen

dms_12_Inch_Vinyl_Outer_Sleeve_3_mm_SpineFor the Cold Rock Stuff second release, production hound Mac McRaw enlisted the help of CRS vet Ox the Architect aka Oxygen as well as hip hop stalwart Audessey to craft a banger of a 12″ in “B-Boy Bionics”. While the mainstream rap continues to put out beats that move at the pace of a snail on purple drank, McRaw is making beats that knock hard and are long lasting. I mean can you even recall a sample some mainstream rapper used lately? Exactly. However, you will remember this Six Million Dollar theme and the huge drum break that’s included. With samples only a seasoned beat digger would recognize, the SP1200 goes into overdrive. It’s a no brainer, as Steve Austin samples and a piano riff litter “B-Boy Bionics” throughout as these two vet spitters “jam like smuckers” and give us rhymes that are reminiscent of the originators. “Dust” may be a little bit slower, but you will scratch your head and say: “where is that guitar sample from?”. That’s what McRaw wants you to do , think, then remember that Cold Rock Stuff is the real deal. They are no fly by night outfit or out to make the quick ducket. CRS is here to stay, and these records will be collectibles and fetching more cheddar than those late 90’s 12″s that you have in your stash. With artwork done by the impeccable Mr. Krum, you can hang this sleeve on your wall. See if you can find the original imagery, it’s a spot on tribute. Good on you Cold Rock Stuff, we can’t wait for number three.

Limited pressing, so get your copy here.

Keep Diggin’!


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